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My life as a Starbucks Employee
2D Animation
2D character animation series depicting my encounters as a Starbucks employee.
Fun Fact: The first episode went viral on Twitter gaining over 430,000 views and 1,000,000 impressions in less than a week. So far, both episodes have earned over 450,000 views.  
The positive reaction to the series has been AMAZING. I originally created the first video as a project for my 2D Animation class using Adobe Character Animator. The same day I submitted the project, I tweeted the video. In under an hour, the video blew up. It has become the fastest growing video of filmmaking career and it continues to grow daily.
The main thing I learned is that you never really know which piece of work will become a hit. I never would've thought my class project would reach thousands. Another great thing I learned is that people connect with my writing. I made little relatable quotes and people responded positively. People really connected to one, two, or all the characters. 
Shoutout to my friends Maria Vasquez, Grace De Jesus, Tyriq Withers, Tan Arin, and Michelle Balko for voicing the characters!
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