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Music Video
Music video for Beyonce's hit song "Formation".
One of my most controversial videos to come out of my high school. It was originally intended to just be a class project but I wanted to take one step forward and show it to the entire school during the Black Student Union Pep Rally. When the day came to show it, a scandal broke out. A parent of someone who envied me from my film class came by and threatened to call the news if my school premiered it. It was crazy! After countless hours speaking to my principal, vice principal, and even the school district. The video was shown.
Having the entire school see my video and love it was such a fulfilling experience. Ayana is such a great talent and working with her, and the other talented dancers, was such a blast. When I uploaded it to YouTube, it became my fastest growing video on my channel earning over 6k views in two weeks. Unfortunately, it was taken down but everyone got to see it regardless.
The best thing to come out of this was that I learned I had a voice as a director and that no one can silence me. My reputation as a talented director grew. I'm so proud of this project.
P.S. The news wasn't called but I wish they were.
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